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Free Muse
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Index of Censorship
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Russia’s Human Rights Council
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Committee Against Torture
Human Rights First
Amnesty France
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Article 19
Feminist Press
Khodorkosky Center

Permanent Wave NYC
Open Democracy
Queer Nation
Russia LGBT Network




Pussy Riot is an anonymous Russian feminist performance art group formed in October 2011. Through a series of peaceful public performances that voiced how basic rights under threat in Russia today, while expressing the values and principles of gender equality, democracy and freedom of expression that are contained in the Russian constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the CEDAW Convention.

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Imprisoned members of the art group Pussy Riot (from left to right):

Maria Alekhina, age 24. Poet and student at the Institute of Journalism and Creative Writing. Mother of a 5 year-old son. 
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, age 23. Visual artist and 4th year Philosophy student. Mother of a 5 year-old daughter

Nadia and Masha are serving 2 years on charges of “hooliganism” for their 1-minute performance on February 21, 2012 in a priests-only section of Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The investigator’s report claims the performance was an act of religious hatred. The specific intention of the performance was to draw attention to the special relationship between President Putin and the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church,  as well a prayer to the Madonna to drive Putin away.

Masha and Nadya’s release date as it stands now is March 3, 2014. advocates for the release of Masha and Nadya, supports the family members and works with the group.