19 Dec 2013,

From Alekhina Mariia Vladimirovna

December 2, 2013

Corrections Colony No. 2 is considered one of the best.  It's located within the city's boundary, to the left is a park, and to the right, the Avtozavodskii Court of Nizhny Novgorod
Novgorod, a residential area, and new housing.

23 Sep 2013,

Beginning Monday, 23 September, I am going on hunger strike. This is an extreme method, but I am convinced that it is my only way out of my current situation.

The penal colony administration refuses to hear me. But I, in turn, refuse to back down from my demands. I will not remain silent, resigned to watch as my fellow prisoners collapse under the strain of slavery-like conditions. I demand that the colony administration respect human rights; I demand that the Mordovia camp function in accordance with the law. I demand that we be treated like human beings, not slaves.

14 Feb 2013,

Recently Elena Masyuk for Novaya Gazeta interviewed Masha at Prison Camp IK-28 in the Perm Region and Nadia at Prison Camp IK-14 in Mordivia. Novaya Gazeta has made available English translations of the interviews, http://en.novayagazeta.ru/politics/56522.html .  
Below are both conversations, one after the other.


— I attended almost every single day of your trial at the Khamovniki Court. I often think of Judge Syrova. Do you?


— No, I don't. Not at all, she's this kind of grey page for me.

—Hold on, this “grey page” did put you away for two years.

— That's OK.

09 Oct 2012,


  I, Peter Verzilov activist of "Voina group", has never been and am not a producer, leader, organizer, promoter, spokesman, or any other executive of the Pussy Riot group, which is anonymous punk feminist collective, and does not allow any public roles except those, which against the will of any member Pussy Riot arised because of Katya's, Nadia's and Masha's arrest.
Attempts to present any public role in Pussy Riot means trying to ignore and discredit the ideology of female punk feminist collective in which participants, except those that have been disclosed by the law enforcement agencies, do not have any public roles for females, and even more men. 
17 Aug 2012,

By Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot

My imprisonment does not anger me. I do not keep grudges, not personal grudges [at least]. I do, however, keep political grudges. Our imprisonment is a clear sign that the freedom is taken away from [all of us] -- from the entire country. This threat of destruction of Russian liberating and emancipatory forces is what makes me angry. [We all must see] the big picture in small events, a tendency in a [constellation of seemingly random] signs, and a common trend in specific occurrences.

13 Aug 2012,


During the closing statement, the defendant is expected to repent or express regret for her deeds, or to enumerate attenuating circumstances. In my case, as in the case of my colleagues in the group, this is completely unnecessary. Instead, I want to express my views about the causes of what has happened with us.