UPDATE: After public outcry hearing is transferred to the city, but Masha will be online there via video.

Important message! Berezniki city court in Perm refuses to consider a request to hearing of the Alekhine Masha for her four penalties in OPEN COURT, on January 31 2013, Thursday, at 10:00 a.m. Perm Time.

(4 penalties - for the late rise, for communications and for quoting the Constitution - were imposed command IR-28 at Masha for it ceased to assert their rights and to share experiences of life in the camp)

Instead, the court Berezniki with FSIN want to hold: CLOSED HEARING in colony-28 - which will not be allowed to access by the press, human rights activists and observers.

That way regime will turn the hearing into the session of prison disciplinary committee.

Below are institusions that are responsible for those decisions:

Penitentiary Service for the Perm region

Head of Press Service: Volegov Stanislav

Address: 614990, Perm, ul. Ostrovsky 25, off. 127.

Phone: (342) 212-56-15, 210-02-37

FPS Russia

Head of Press Office: Christine V. Belousov

Phone: (495) 982-19-92, (495) 983-92-72

Fax: (495) 983-92-71

Perm regional court

Head of Press Service: Kolesov Vladislav

Tel: (342) 218-54-11, 210-04-93

Press office

Tel / fax: (3424) 22-74-70

Tel / fax: (3424) 26-80-07

Head of the Division of Criminal Justice: Daniel Anastasia V.

tel. / fax (3424) 26-80-09

SOURCE IN RUSSIAN : http://pussy-riot.livejournal.com/32325.html