Nadya has been reprimanded for walking unattended to the labor camp's infirmary. The punishment will be handed out in the next week, this comes on the last business day before the application to the court to request parole. Currently she is held at Colony #14 in Mordovia. Initially it was reported that Nadia was given solitary confinement, this report has been changed by camp officials
Masha Gessen reports

Interfax Initial Report March 2:
After Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, one of the jailed members of the Pussy Riot punk rock band, was put in an isolation cell for 15 days her lawyers concurred with suspicions that the purpose of the penalty was to block her planned appeal for parole.

"I know about this situation from Pyotr Verzilov [Tolokonnikova's husband]. The reason for the penalty was that Nadezhda allegedly went to the medical unit unescorted," Oleg Nevlyutov, one of Tolokonnikova's lawyers, told Interfax on Saturday.

Under the prison system rules, walking through the premises of a jail unescorted by guards is one the offenses that are to be examined at a meeting of an ad hoc disciplinary commission where the head of the prison orders a penalty.

"It may be an oral warning, a reprimand or detention in an isolation cell. There hasn't been any accurate information whether Nadya is in an isolation cell or is waiting for the decision of a disciplinary commission," Nevlyutov said.

Nevlyutov, who is Tolokonnikova's lawyer in the republic of Mordovia, where her prison is located, confirmed that the musician's Moscow lawyer, Irina Khrunova, planned to seek parole for her this month.

"There is a practice that 'undesirable' people who are in jail have penalties slapped on them just before they would be due to be released, and then that is cited as the reason to refuse parole," Nevlyutov said.He said he planned to visit Tolokonnikova on Wednesday to find out what had actually happened.

On Friday, a Pussy Riot supporter said in a microblog that Tolokonnikova had been put in an isolation cell for 15 days. The microblog message cited the prison administration as claiming that Tolokonnikova had walked through the jail premises unescorted and that this was the reason for per penalty.

"The only purpose of Nadya's detention in a punishment cell was to deprive her of the right to parole on the last working day before the submission of the [parole] appeal to court," the message said.